• Matilde García

    UAE | Lawyer | Tax Advisor | Consultant

    Hi there! I'm an ESP Lawyer based in UAE with more than 15 years of experience - conducting advisoring in taxes in different countries.


    My goal is to understand every legislation from each client to optimize taxes payment in their own countries as well as to help them to develop their companies, business, employees inside the UAE Law.

  • Skills

    Things I've picked up over the years


    Tax Law and International Tax Advise

    Company Law

    Employment Law



    Real Estate Law



  • Services

    • Advising on international tax issues
    • National tax advice (income tax, corporate tax, vat, inheritance and gift tax, non resident tax)
    • Global advise for companies and individuals
    • Constitution of companies
    • Branches and permanent establishments
    • Creation subsidiary companies
    • Mergers
    • Contracts and business agreements
    • Accounting, tax and labor issue
    • Tax claims
    • Tax management for foreigners with investment in Spain
    • Company law claims
    • Family law claims
    • Will preparation
    • Advice on execution of foreign sentences in spain
    • We advise on sale and purchase of properties 
    • We cover the legal contract work
    • Real estate litigations

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    For us the customers are the first, trust and certainly are our values, with us you shall feel sure

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